Membership List by Business Category
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Cooper TV & Appliances
Doug/John Cooper
Phone: 219-696-8141
319 W Commercial Ave., Lowell, IN 46356
Law Office of Paul Rossi
Paul A. Rossi
Phone: 219-690-1200
1601 Northview Dr., Lowell, IN 46356
Lowell Body Shop
Dave Hirata
Phone: 219-696-8939
Fax: 219-696-8333
9418 W 181st Ave., Lowell, IN 46356
Jack Lewis, Manager
Phone: 219-690-0688
980 E. Commercial Avenue, Lowell, IN 46356
The Farmhouse Restaurant
Sharon St. Myers
Phone: 219-394-5332
754 N 600 E, Fair Oaks, IN 47943
 Signature Banquets
Johnny Kouimanis
Phone:  219-696-7696
1908 E. Commercial Ave., Lowell, IN  46356
Route 2 Brews
Chris  & Gwendolyn Fast
Phone: 219-690-3080
141 Harding Drive, Lowell, IN 46356
Facebook: Route 2 Brews


Providence Baptist Church of Lowell
Pastor Caleb Hon
Phone: 219-508-1758
109 E. 181st Avenue, Lowell, IN  46356
Gray’s Total Green Energy Solutions
Lynn Gray
Phone: 219-696-8377
7302 McConnell Avenue, Lowell, IN 46356
KNZ Heating and Cooling
Keith Miller
Phone: 219-226-1683
16595 Broadway, Lowell, IN 46356
Konradi Koncrete, Inc.
Jim Konradi
Phone: 219-712-9255
Fax: 219-696-0599
Rob Hartill
Phone: 219-476-2222 Cell: 219-477-7685
212 E. Lincolnway, Valparaiso, IN 46383
Mattingly Family Dentistry
Joe Mattingly
Phone: 219-696-0250
Fax: 219-696-7099
957 E. Commercial Ave., Lowell, IN 46356
Tri-Creek School Corporation
Dr. Debra K. Howe, Superintendent
Phone: 219-696-6661
Fax: 219-696-2150
195 W. Oakley Ave., Lowell, IN 46356
Koz’s Quality Printing, Inc.
John Kozlowski
Phone: 219-696-6711
Fax: 219-696-1175
Moses Eyecare Centers
David Moses
Phone: 219-696-8077
Fax: 219-696-3570
117 Deanna Drive, Munster, IN 46356
Fair Oaks Farms
Sharon St. Myers
Phone: 219-394-5332
856 N 600 E, Fair Oaks, IN 47943
Herr Farms
Carla Herr
Phone: 219-696-8043
10150 W. 219th Avenue, Lowell, IN 46356
Centier Bank
Tara Klahn
Phone: 219-696-6421
Fax: 219-696-2917
1914 E Commercial Ave., Lowell, IN 46356
DeMotte State Bank
Guy Carlson
Phone: 219-696-8716
Fax: 219-696-1248
1615 E Commcercial Ave., Lowell, IN 46356
 Tech Credit Union
Kristen Borem
Phone: 219-690-1370
1800 E Commercial Ave., Lowell, IN 46356
Anytime Fitness Lowell
1920 E. Commercial Avenue, Lowell, IN 46356
Evolution 24-Hr. Fitness
Liza Rainey-Bianchi
Phone: 219-232-4918
420 E Commercial Ave. Lowell, IN 46356
Fitness Premier of Lowell
Samantha McCreery
289 Westmeadow Place, Lowell, IN 46356
Phone: 219-213-6000 Premier
Calla’s Bridal & Prom
Catherine Livengood
Phone: 219-225-0159
401 E. Commercial Avenue, Lowell, IN 46356
Family Express Corporation
Bill Nolan
Phone: 219-696-4886
140 Mill Street, Lowell, IN 46356
Sheets Funeral Home & Cremations Services
Ken Sheets/Molly Tucker
Phone: 219-696-0921
Fax: 219-696-1795
604 E Commercial Ave, Lowell, IN 46356
Town of Lowell
Jeff Sheridan/ Town Manager
Judith Walters/ Clerk Treasurer
Phone: 219-696-7794
Fax: 219-696-7796
501 E Main St., Lowell, IN 46356
 Don Bales Inc.
Garry Bales
Phone: 219-696-7361
Fax: 219-696-7164
10102 W 181st Ave., Lowell, IN 46356
Hardings, Inc.
George Nikitaras
Phone: 219-696-8911
109 W Commercial Ave., Lowell, IN 46356
Jim’s Repair Service
Jim & Lin Wozniewski
Phone: 219-374-0555
11900 Wicker Avenue, Cedar Lake, IN 46303
Affordable Garage Door, Inc.
Tim Durham
Phone: 219-696-4279
Fax: 219-696-8676
17958 Grant Pl., Lowell, IN 46356
Lowell Carpet & Coverings
Joy Shurman
Phone: 219-696-8800
Fax: 219-696-7044
Lowell Glass & Trim, Inc.
Paul Mantemayer
Phone: 219-0831
312 Jefferson Street, Lowell, IN 46356
Tri-Creek Lumber & Hardware
Joe Blandford
Phone: 219-696-8936
Fax: 219-696-4666
1895 E Commercial Ave., Lowell, IN 46356
Allstate Insurance Agency
Mike Lukacs
Phone: 219-227-4676
Fax: 219-200-1952
13326 Lincoln Plaza, Cedar Lake, IN 46303
Century II Insurance Agency, Inc.
John Bennett
Phone: 219-696-4433
Fax: 219-696-4459
322 E Commercial Ave., Lowell, IN 46356
Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance
John Watts
Phone: 219-690-1540
Fax: 877-208-9392
194 Deanna Dr., Suite A, Lowell, IN  46356
State Farm – Aron Schuhrke
Aron Schuhrke
Phone: 219-690-1100
Fax: 219-690-1101
707 E Commercial Ave., Lowell, IN 46356 
Sickinger’s Jewelry
Jim & Kathy Sickinger
Phone: 219-696-7616
314 E Commercial Ave., Lowell, IN 46356
US Aggregates
Jesse Hollifield
Phone: 219-696-5467
9331 W. 205th Avenue, Lowell, IN 46356
The UPS Store
Kim Gray
Phone: 219-696-5759
Fax: 219-696-5797
150 Deanna Dr., Lowell, IN 46356


Saco Industries, Inc.
Jennifer Kidd
Phone: 219-696-2800
Fax: 219-696-2232
17151 Morse St., Lowell, IN 46356



Action Plus (Kankakee Valley Publishing)
Pam Rhodes
Phone: 219-987-5119
827 S Halleck St., DeMotte, IN 46310
The Times Media Company
Ann Kotecki
Phone: 219-718-1991
601 W. 45th Avenue, Munster, IN 46321
The Family Flyer
Ginny Fleming
Phone: 219-689-6262
P.O. Box 1004, Crown Point, IN 46308
Hoosier Media Group
The Lowell Tribune
Don Hurd/President
Cindy Teeter/Marketing & Advertising
209 E Fifth Street
Fowler, IN 47944
Fax: 765-884-8110
Heartland Recovery Center
Kevin Lee
Phone: 219-690-7025
2068 Lucas Parkway, Lowell, In 46356
Intervention Services, Inc.
Kevin Lee
219 E. Main Street, Lowell, IN 46356
Lake Mortgage
Sean Conley, Chris Bauer
Phone: 219-763-5941
Fax: 219-769-0216
4000 W. Lincoln Hwy, Merrillville, IN 46410
Top Flite Financial, Inc.
Leslie Rightmire
Phone: 219-916-0699
9500 Bormet Dr.
Mokena, IL 60448
Plum Grove Music
Rick Thacker
Phone: 219-696-5401
1114 E. 181st Avenue, Lowell, IN 46356
Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Indiana
Dawn Michaels
Phone: 219-923-7265 ext. 304
3777 Colfax, Gary, IN 46408
Hope Center
Kerri Midkiff
299 N. Burr Street, Lowell, IN 46356
Lowell Rotary Club
Jesse Forrester & Carla Herr
P.O. Box 68,  Lowell, IN 46356
Phone: 219-765-8366
Lowell Woman’s Club (GFWC IFC)
Sandra Cortelloni or Dorothy Eich
Phone: 219-775-5337 or 696-1579
Meals on Wheels of Northwest Indiana
Jodi Bella
8446 Virginia Street,  Merrillville, IN 46410
Phone: 219-756-3663
Fax: 219-756-3775
Mommy’s Haven
Lauren Mauk
Phone: 1-844-94-HAVEN
P.O. Box 294, Lowell, IN 46356
Tri-Creek Education Foundation, Inc.
Phone: 219-696-6661 x 118
Fax: 219-696-2150
195 W Oakley Ave., Lowell, IN 46356
Bruce Septic Service, Inc.
Johnny Bruce, owner
Phone: 219-696-8303
Fax: 219-696-8303
4202 W 173rd Ave., Lowell, IN 46356
Leeps Supply Co., Inc.
Chet Kwiatkowski
Phone: 219-696-9511
Fax: 219-696-9533
7332 McConnell Ave., Lowell, IN 46356
Tiger Plumbing
Kimberly & Jeff Blaesing
Phone: 219-838-1151 / 219-663-7331
Fax: 219-838-0051
2839 Highway Ave., Highland, IN 46322
Bad Bass Graphics
Kim Biancardi
Phone: 219-281-1166
13025 Grasselli Street, Cedar Lake, IN 46303
On Time Design
Vicky Cullen
Phone: 219-789-0606
17037 Great Oak Ct., Lowell, IN 46356
Century 21 Affiliated
Phone: 219-696-8900
1040 E. Commercial Ave., Lowell In 46356
Creekside at Meadowbrook
Jennifer Gullette
Phone: 219-696-9000
Fax: 219-696-9505
519 Creekside Dr., Lowell, IN 46356
Northwest Indiana Real Estate, Inc.
Sheree Perfetti
Phone: 219-696-9600
417 E Commercial Ave., Lowell, IN 46356
Northwest Indiana Real Estate, Inc.
Deana Sutton
Phone: 219-746-3619
417 E Commercial Ave., Lowell IN 46356
Metro Recycling
LaRae Dykstra
Phone: 219-922-1830
1501 East Main Street, Griffith, IN 46319
Creative Metal Art/The Bean Spot
Michael Taylor
Phone: 219-213-5827
407 E. Commercial Avenue, Lowell, IN 46356
George’s Family Restaurant
George Kouimanis and Johnny Kouimanis
Phone: 219-696-0310
1910 E Commercial Ave., Lowell, IN 46356
Gold Star Café & Catering
Charlene Hall
Phone: 219-690-3487
1336 E. Commercial Ave., Lowell, IN 46356
McVey’s Restaurant & Bar
Tom McVey
Phone: 219-696-7784
312 E Commercial Ave. Lowell, IN 46356
 Mi Ranchito Restaurant & Bar
Sam & Rosa Quirarte
Phone:  219-696-2270
149 W. Commercial Ave., Lowell, IN  46356


Strack and VanTil
Tim Trusiewich
Phone: 219-696-6633
2080 E Commercial Ave., Lowell, IN 46356
Phone: 696-6636
1704 E Commercial Ave., Lowell, IN 46356
Cedar Creek Health Campus
Barbara Oliver, Community Service Rep.
Phone: 219-696-6750
18275 Burr St, Lowell In 46356
Lowell Healthcare
Trish Edwards
Phone: 219-696-7791
Fax: 219-696-3157
710 Michigan St., Lowell, IN 46356
Spike’s Railhead
Sharon Speichert
Phone: 219-696-5778
422 E Commercial Ave., Lowell, IN 46356
Northern Indiana Public Service Company
Phone: 1-800-634-3524
801 E. 86th Ave. Merrillville, IN 46410
Mitsch Water & Salt Service
Brian Mitsch
Phone: 219-690-1111
21061 Colfax St., Lowell, IN 46356
Current Events

Lowell Outdoor Market

The last Outdoor Market of the season will be Saturday, October 14th 8a.m.-1p.m.  The Lowell Chamber of Commerce want to thanks the students & staff for their hard work for putting this on in our wonderful community. We are still looking for vendors who would like to promote their business, farm,...Read More »

Disaster Relief

Help the Chamber and support Disaster Relief:


Click Link below to download Flyer PDF

  Soups on 2017

...Read More »

Hope Center 5K Butterfly Run - Sunday June 11th at 8 am

The Hope Center will be holding it’s 5K Butterfly Run on Sunday June 11th at 8 am at Stony Run County Park. Event highlights will include a trail run, a trail walk, a kids’ caterpillar race, inspirational speakers, a cancer survivor recognition ceremony and more! Gold Star Cafe’ will sell...Read More »

Women Build - Habitat for Humanity - Volunteers needed!

Women Build_2017_fundraiser.pdf –

Come out and help with the 2017 Women Build for Habitat for Humanity. Kick off begins May 6th with weekly build days of Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Individuals and groups of 6 to 8 per day maximum.


For more information or scheduling of your group, please contact...Read More »

2017 Lowell Chamber Golf Outing - May 27, 2017 Pheasant Valley Golf Course

The Lowell Chamber of Commerce will be holding it’s 3rd Annual Golf Outing on May 27, 2017 at Pheasant Valley Golf Course 3838 W. 141st Avenue, Crown Point.  It will be a shotgun start at 9 am.

We are looking for golfers, sponsors and items for our goody bags. If you...Read More »

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Centier Bank Now Hiring Universal Banker - Lowell

A front line customer ambassador for Centier, the Universal Banker is crossed trained to provide a World-Class experience for clients. They will educate customers about Centier’s financial product options and refer or sell the appropriate products and services matching the customer’s needs. This position participates in the daily operations of...Read More »

Introducing Tiered Memberships

It’s all about choice…and improved membership benefits.


After careful consideration by the Lowell’s Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, the Chamber is changing the way members invest. Like many chambers during the past decade, we are moving to a tiered dues system which provides benefits based...Read More »

The Chamber now accepts credit cards!

The Lowell Chamber of Commerce is now able to accept credit card transactions in the office, over the phone, and at events. With the help of Pogo by First Data, a mobile card reader, the Chamber can now serve its members and the community more conveniently.




...Read More »